Hello World!

Hey! I'm skiilaa.

I'm an 11 year old developer. Here's some of the stuff I've done:


SateMage is an AI-powered website that analyzes uploaded images, and tags them according to what is on the picture.


Analyze ROM files easily with a command line tool!

Currently supported platforms: GB(C), GBA, NES.

ami2 and amibac

ami2 and amibac are homebrew apps for the Nintendo 3DS, for modifying Amiibos.

ami2 can duplicate the data between two Amiibos. (The destination Amiibo wont turn into the figure that the source Amiibo is.)

amibac can Back up and Restore data from Amiibos. It's not nice to use. It's like a bad PoC.


musicsort is a tool that tags your music files according to the filename. Get ready to say goodbye to "Unknown Artist".